About Common Problems Faced by Tenants

Many have developed a deep understanding of the renting market from many different viewpoints, including investment, interpersonal, technical, and even historical, while travelling across the rental world. I have uncovered a commonality in my plight, impacting all views – contact. It marks the fine line that separates the interpersonal and professional relationship of rent, and the way it occurs (or doesn’t!) really impacts from the ground up on tenant-landlord dealings. No matter how it is cut, the term is contact, so… We’re going to chat! Check out here

We will start the day by listing the tenants’ most frequent grievances, explaining how effective, proper communication will relieve all associated tensions.

Popular Tenant Complaint Issues

Orders for Job
Privacy is Privacy
Lack of help with enquiries
Landlord’s Rudeness
Tenants Nearby
Reimbursement of Deposit

Starting from the top: it is easy to understand how a tenant could be displeased by an unanswered work order, and it is generally a product of an unorganised landlord or manager. Often respond to the work order, even only to say “we have received the request.” The tenant is not left lingering in a frustrating state of limbo in this way. Another concept is to leave a list of authorised service contacts (plumber, electrician, etc.) to enable the tenant to manage the situation personally (while deducting the cost from rent and sending you the invoice). In terms of privacy, a common source of hostility is non-communication as to when a person will enter a renter’s dwelling. A landlord MUST have assurance that 24 hours ahead of time a tenant has been informed – voicemail does not count. Here’s a method: most e-mail accounts allow “read receipts,” to tell you when the e-mail recipient has opened the message – a more than adequate type of confirmation to submit e-mails, especially considering the dates and times opened are registered!

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