Car Accident Lawyer  – What To Do When In a Car Accident

One of the most frightening and stressful times of our adult lives. Due to some careless driver or negligent motorist to have an automobile accident. Even to most skilled drivers on the road today the fact is that they have car accidents. So …… then … You were in a car accident, what are you supposed to be doing? Wait, it’s not time to call the lawyer for car accidents just yet, you’ve got a few things to look after first.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Schiller Law Offices – Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer

First and foremost-Prepare yourself.

Having an emergency roadside kit in your trunk is always best practise just for such an occasion. Emergency flares, reflective triangles and small orange cones should be in the kit. These items help alert your vehicle and direct its traffic around it. Make sure you have a note pad and pens to write in the same kit, these will be needed to take notes after the car accident. Finally , make sure that you carry a first aid kit along with your registration and insurance information, and any important medical information.

Following The Car Accident

The best advice a car accident lawyer would give you is to stay calm and breathe immediately after the automobile accident, count to 10 if needed. It is best for you to get your bearings and what happens before you make any moves. While inspecting your surroundings, check yourself for injuries and also check for injuries from any passengers. If you or someone gets hurt or there can be any doubt immediately call an ambulance, you can never be too sure. Be considerate if the incident is minor, and move the vehicles out of direct traffic to avoid any further problems. Now if the auto accident is more than minor now it may be a good time to use any flares, triangles, or cones to alert traffic. You should call law enforcement by now even if the accident is minor. No matter what may happen that moment, call the cops. Call your insurance agent after you call the cops, and tell them what’s happened. Most will help you file a claim to hurry the adjusters immediately.

Important information about car accident

It is very important that you never sign any documentation until you consult with a lawyer in relation to a car accident. You have rights, it’s okay to deny signing documentation without proper legal representation. However, giving your insurance and auto registration information to the other party involved is perfectly fine as you would like the same from them too. You’ll want to take auto-accident notes yourself. Record the name of everyone involved, the time of day, the vehicles involved, registrations, insurance information, and anything that you can think of might help you later on. It is wise to be kind to all concerned, even the law enforcement. The auto accident was stressful enough, why is it that it makes matters worse by being mean or dangerous? Consider speaking to everyone in short words and not offering too much information even if you think you’re right and that wasn’t your fault. The last piece of advice is don’t leave the car accident scene. This is a crime in some states and you may face hit and run charges.

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