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Live Rent-Free As A House Sitter, Worldwide

As an artist, I make my living and I discovered as a single person that housing the homes of others gave me the time and space to make my art. With my rent, utilities and, depending on the situation, food, wages, cars, and use of swimming pools, this lifestyle has landed me in incredibly beautiful places as part of the deal.Do you want to learn more? -click this site

I travelled around the world in my twenties and discovered wonderful possibilities for career exchanges along the way. I lived in the outback in Australia for a few years, renting a house on a two hundred acre farm for a low rent of $80 a month in return for keeping an eye on the cows of my landlord. I spent a few weeks in a Thai Buddhist monastery in Bodh Gaya, India, in exchange for spending an hour every day helping one of the monks with university studies (in English). I spent three months living in a kibbutz in Israel, doing a variety of jobs in exchange for everything I wanted. I found that they really valued honest, loyal, hard-working people and could get jobs anywhere in the world.

I eventually settled down and worked as a computer programmer in my thirties before I sold two of my short travel storeys to a magazine and a piece of art I’d created was accepted for a major jury show sponsored by the City of Los Angeles. I left my work and started to hunt for ways to survive as an artist in L.A. Long-term house sitting meant doing landscape painting for movies on occasion.

My first artistic job exchange was for the New Hope Theater in Pennsylvania as a scenic painter in my forties. In the Pocono Mountains, I spent the summer painting sets while staying in a luxurious resort hotel. In return for doing all the black and white still photography for a video project that an artist friend was working on, I lived in an apartment in Venice Beach, CA for two months. I met a woman on holiday in Jamaica who lived in a stunning hillside villa overlooking the Caribbean and ended up sitting there for a week before she had to leave. While there, I learned from a local artist about wood carving.

One of my favourite career exchanges was in Bel Air for a real estate investor. I worked two days a week for three years as his office assistant in exchange for a paycheck and a comfortable little flat in one of the wings of his building. I had full use of the swimming pool and the grounds. I started carving big wood sculptures for Treepeople Park in Beverly Hills while living in Bel Air. Finally, as an Artist in Residence at Avondale Forest Park in County Wicklow, Ireland, I left Bel Air to do a summer work exchange, where I carved a big sculpture from a famous tree that had died. Many of my work exchanges after this encounter were art-related. I carved a large standing Quan Yin for the Los Angeles Zen Center; a statue of the Bodhisatva Jizo for the Zen Mountain Center near Idyllwild, CA; a statue of the Bodhisatva Jizo for the Zen Mountain Center near Idyllwild, CA; I made my first good money when I carved two large angels and an elaborate fireplace mantel, including corbels, for a stuntman’s house in Thousand Oaks,

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I own an office building with an immovable business called Realty Professionals of America as a tenant. The business has a brilliant scheme where 75 percent of the fee is paid by a new agent and the broker gets just 25 percent. This is a pretty good deal if you don’t know it, particularly for a new real estate agent. The business also gives the agent who promotes them on any deal they make a 5 per cent sponsorship fee. If you bring a person who is a realtor into the business that you sponsored, the broker can give you out of the broker’s end a 5 percent contribution so that the new realtor you sponsored will still receive 75 percent commission. try this out In addition to the above, Realty Professionals of America offers up to a limit of 90 per cent to raise the fee of the realtor by 5 per cent after reaching total fee thresholds. When a fee threshold has been met, the incentive rate for an agent can only decline if commissions do not exceed a lower baseline level in the following year. I currently retain 85 per cent of all the commissions for my deals; plus, I collect 5 per cent sponsorship checks from the commissions that the agents I sponsored win. If you want to find out more about being funded into the wonderful scheme of America’s Realty Professionals, please call me directly at 267-988-2000.

One of the things I did after quitting my full-time job in the summer of 2005 was to study for my real estate licence. I still wanted to get my real estate licence but never seemed to have the time to do it. I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times of this explanation. People always say they will do something as soon as they find the time to do it, but never seem to find the time, do they? I try not to make excuses for something to myself. But before I ever quit my full-time job, I made up my mind that one of the first things I ‘d do was to get my real estate licence. I registered for a two-week full-time programme at a school called the American Real Estate Institute to get my licence to sell real estate in the state of Pennsylvania.