Bail Bond

Choosing the Right Bail Bonds Company

The classification of the offence is either a misdemeanour or a criminal offence. Since misdemeanours are lower than felonies in the criminal class, the amount of bail set for misdemeanours will be lower than for felonies. The judge must also determine whether the perpetrator is a flight risk, or whether they would cause more damage to the community if they were released on bail. Again, they would either have their bail set at a very high dollar amount if the criminal or the accused had committed a crime that is of a very dangerous nature, or the bail could even be denied.Get the facts about Bail Bonds Company Near Me

The defendant must show up to all of their court ordered appointments once the bail amount is set. If they do not show up, then the financial amount established by the courts will be owed to the courts. Most of the time, it is too high for the criminal or the accused to pay off the bail amount set. So, a bail bondman’s services will have to be used by the criminal or the accused. The bail bondman is essentially working with the courts to ensure that the amount of the bail will be paid. How this operates is that a bail bond company will go to the criminal or the accused. They will have to sign an agreement that 10-15 percent of the set bail amount will be paid in advance, and the bail bond company will pay for the remainder. It’s like an insurance deposit, only bonds are insurance policies aimed at payments to the courts if their appointment is not shown by the criminal or the defendant. The government fixes the cost of the bond, and it cannot be negotiated as it is against the law. One should be very cautious about bail bondsmen offering discounts on the rates proposed. Generally, in almost every state, including California, the cost is set at 10 per cent. The cost of the bail bond does not include any taxes or hidden charges. The defendant only needs to pay the cost of $2,000 to the bail bondsman for a $20,000 bail to get released.

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