Details about Questions To Ask When Placing Cupcakes Order

Unless you have an aunty who happens to be baking wedding cakes and cupcakes for a living and whose decorating taste does not still linger in the 80s, at some point you, a bride or a groom,- will definitely face this dilemma of finding-a-decent-cake-maker. Here, I will consider the few main factors: the reliability and the skills of the cake maker(s), their company image and what this image is worth to you, and of course, – the prices! Click

The first thing you need to consider, once you’d shortlisted the websites with wedding cakes or cupcakes you like, is weather this online shop is genuinely what it is portraying itself to be. For example, is it displaying their pictures – and enough of them? It’s very easy, particularly in cupcakes’ case, to copy somebody else’s pictures, or even buy those out of the photo stock library, while thinking ‘No big deal, by the time I’ll get an order I’ll learn all there is to know!’

Another useful thing is to make sure that your potential supplier is able to offer reliable testimonials. While not necessarily the absolute or even the only guarantee, the best example of offered testimonials are Google reviews. This is simply because these reviews can’t be made up, once ‘the shop’ runs out of a few friends, who are willing to leave the bogus feedback. Taking this simple precaution will ensure that you will not be the bride, who ends up calling all online cupcake shops around one hour before her wedding, because her ‘… cupcakes just got delivered and they look awful!’

Google reviews or not, you certainly take considerably less of that kind of a risk if you chose to go for a well known shop you’d heard about 100s of times through one media source or another. After all, they paid enough to get their large audience together, to go and ruin the show! The cupcake tier or a wedding cake which you’ll get from them, may or may not be what you were hoping for, but it will be OK, at least, and along with it they’d have lent you their image (if you care).

The disadvantage here may well be, though, that if you take your time to surf the net properly (and I mean 2nd and 3rd pages, if need be!) – You will find a wedding cake or cupcakes for your once in a lifetime event, which are more beautiful, elegant, unique and ‘you’ then the stuff you’d have seen in the websites, which readily pop up in your memory. What’s more, you probably won’t have to pay anywhere near the price.

What should you expect to pay for a wedding cake or a cupcake tier? Paying for the image aside, the prices of small online cake shops may still vary greatly. My suggestion is to consider the quality of the product offered – not only the prices, as different designs may take a different length of time to make. Once you have made your critical but fair judgement – give the online shop of your choice a call. If the quote you received is beyond your budget – try to negotiate. Maybe they can simplify the design a little and lower the price? Would they give you a discount if you sent someone to collect their well packed cupcakes the day before? Could their price be lowered if you only want one colour or flavour? For different reasons, maybe, but your big day is the decent cake maker’s big day, too. With a bit of a mutual effort and respect you can make it everything you’re hoping for and expecting to find.

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