Dog Boarding – The Benefits Of Daycare For Dogs And Pets

Dog daycare, also called “doggie daycare”, is a short-term day care for doggies. It fills a gap between daykenneling, which are typically an overnight stay at a boarding kennel, and regular pet sitting/kenneling, where the sitter visits the pet’s home every evening. Dog daycare takes dogs, doggies or other pets, out of harm’s way in a safe and fun environment. Dog daycare services are offered by numerous locations throughout the nation. Some dog daycares operate on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.For more information, visit their website at Dog Boarding Orange County.

Dogs love companionship. There are many benefits to having your pet’s visit the same place each day. If you have multiple dogs, there is the added benefit of decreased housework. Not only that, but there are fewer odors to deal with, less time spent tidying up (cleaning, dusting), less dog hair to straighten, and less waste to clean up. Dog boarding actually helps the environment, because less paper, plastic, foam and other animal garbage are disposed of.

Dog owners who can’t commit to long term dog boarding or who live in areas where it would be unsafe for their pets to go to the grooming facility on a consistent basis should consider short term pet boarding, which can still give them the companionship they desire while still allowing them to see their pets. Many dog owners are amazed at the difference in quality of life, their pets experience when they are able to go to the vet and receive the same care they receive at home. Many dog owners report a significant improvement in the health and wellness of their pets after short term dog boarding. The majority of owners (over 90%) who say that they are most satisfied with the services of dog daycare organizations, say that their pets have been very well cared for.

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