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More and more you will find places offering teeth whitening than just your dentists office. You have the option to go to a beauty salon or even a chemist and purchase a kit that will whiten your teeth on your own. With all of them saying that there method is guaranteed to have incredible results, which one do you believe? Dugas Dental & Carr Orthodontics offers excellent info on this.

One option to help you make a decision is cost and you can choose the least expensive route. By taking this path you might end up with lackluster teeth whitening at best and a possible burned mouth at worst. Fact is dentist teeth whitening is still one of the safest routes as well as the one that will get you the best results.

So Why Go To The Dentist For This?

You may think why pick dentist teeth whitening when you have the option to whiten your teeth on your own in the privacy of your home. The simple answer is that you might not consistently be able to follow the instructions precisely that is listed on your at home kit. Do you have the spare amount of time to lay the strips or the tray in each and every day for the exact time instructed? It is very likely that you have missed some days since you were on a busy schedule or you needed to run out on some errand so you needed to cut short your treatment time. The periodic interruptions boil down to you not getting the intended effect that you were promised on the packet or hoping for.

One of the alternatives to traveling to the dentist for teeth whitening is getting a teeth whitening treatment at a spa or even a beauty salon. In an ever increasing trend beauty salons make available teeth whitening treatments combined with waxes or even manicures. Even though it may seem less expensive then getting it done at the dentist office and maybe less intimidating in a spa type of setting, it typically is not a good idea at all. Bear in mind that teeth whitening is comprised of the use of caustic chemicals that may do you harm if they are not handled through trained professionals.

To ward off any troubles always select dentist teeth whitening when professional grade type of bleaching chemicals are to be utilized. They are made up of an increased level of concentration of peroxide than the majority of kits made for home use and the amount of time that they are left on needs to be closely watched so as to avoid having your teeth damaged or irritating your gums. A beauty therapist is not qualified to come to that kind of judgment and might not have the knowledge of what to do if anything goes wrong.

Additionally, dentist teeth whitening has the ability to be fitted to your needs. The dentist is best qualified to determine the amount of bleaching solution that needs to be used on your teeth or even if getting whitening done is the right solution for you. There are additional treatments for your teeth such as veneers that might be better suited to you and the needs you have if your teeth are so heavily stained for any type of whitening to have any appreciable effect.

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