Email Marketing – An Insight

Email marketing is the act of transmitting a commercial message, usually to an extended list of recipients, by email. In its most broad sense, email marketing simply involves the use of electronic mail to transmit advertisements, seek out sales or donations, or notify customers of new services or programs. The idea is that you “market” your business to your existing clients, and do so via electronic means.
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This type of marketing has many advantages over more traditional forms of marketing, especially in terms of cost. Email campaigns can be initiated for little or no cost, and because recipients are typically not allowed to opt-out of any messages, this type of marketing has a very high degree of control over who sees the messages, how long they stay, and for how long after they’ve received them. For these reasons, many marketing professionals have embraced email marketing techniques such as viral marketing, which is spreading a promotional message through means that are not controlled by the marketer. Viral marketing, for example, can be performed through an email marketing campaign that invites recipients to “forward” the email onto their friends; or it may be undertaken by contacting a list of targeted prospects on social media sites and encouraging them to pass the email on to their friends. If done correctly, the “virus” will be spread throughout the target audience, and the message will be passed on to many others who will forward it onto yet more people. However, if the message is not well constructed or if the content is poor, the viral nature of the approach can backfire and the target audience may not see the commercial content in a favorable light.
Email marketing campaigns can also be more cost-effective than other traditional marketing tactics. For example, while print advertising can set you back thousands of dollars in just a few hours’ worth of exposure, email marketing can reach hundreds or thousands of recipients at a much lower cost. Furthermore, email campaigns tend to be more flexible than other forms of marketing, allowing a marketer to alter the message as it goes through the mail.

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