Insulated Window Shutters Save on Home Heating Costs

Yeah, honey, it’s just cold outside… But shuttering windows is a vital move in keeping warm and enjoying big fuel savings during the long winter nights. Installing insulated window shutters that are equipped with a layer of insulating foam material that will carry the R- value of each window to R-17 is the most efficient way to minimize this heat/cooling lossĀ -Insulate Your Windows and Save Money This Winter.

For this DIY project, the resources and materials you need include those that you probably have around the house. A tape measure, plane, drill, square, adhesive, insulating foam, wood or aluminum for the back cover, nails, hinges and some shutters, of course, to name a few.

  1. Measuring the Opening of a Window

Upgrade a pair of decent shutters to an open window. The shutters are intended for exterior installation, which will ensure that condensation will not be caused by window glass.

  1. The Shutters’ Encasing

To keep the insulated foam, create the casing on the shutter. To make sure the foam suits correctly, measurements must be accurate. Depending on the type of home you have, different backing materials for the finished insulated window shutters may be used.

  1. The Insulated Shutters Hanging

Hinges that are fully customizable can be purchased from the store or DIY self made. Drill holes in the hinge to hang the shutters, and lock them with screws. By spanning from side to side, hinges enhance the independent shutter.

  1. The Shutters Opening and Closing

Various devices can be found to automatically open and close shutters with light-sensitive devices or mechanically with handles and gears that allow the shutters to be controlled from within the room.

In the last 25 years, standardized building codes have taken most homes up to a level of insulating values satisfactory for walls, roofs and windows. By adding insulated window shutters to your house, you can save up to 40 percent of the heating cost.

The installation of insulated window shutters in your home has additional advantages; they prolong the life of your windows and prevent vandalism and burglary.

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