Insurance Agents – What Do They Do And Why Do You Need Them?

What are the responsibilities of an insurance agent? Well, an insurance agent plays a key role in any insurance transaction. An insurance agent sells, receives, or negotiates insurance on behalf of a client. If you need to purchase insurance for any type of business, whether it is a home, auto, health, or life insurance, an agent can help you with the process. Although agents do not buy policies, they do explain terms and benefits of insurance to their clients. In addition to their role as salesmen, they also provide important advice to clients, answer questions, and make recommendations.By clicking here we get info about Kim Austin – State Farm Insurance Agent, Abilene

Insurance salespeople earn about 40% more per year than physicians. Insurance agents receive a large lump sum payment when a client signs up for a policy and another large payment when they close the deal. The lump sum payment is usually paid out in the first year of the policy, but sometimes the payments are delayed until later. This delayed payment is called Yield Spread Premium and is the agent’s profit. The amount of commission varies from company to company. The average commission is about one percent, but can vary significantly from company to company.

With all this commission earning potential, why would anyone want to work as an insurance agent? Because working as an insurance agent can be profitable and extremely rewarding, if you have the right skills. The first skill you need to learn in order to get started is how to market your insurance company to clients. There are many books and online courses available to teach you how to sell insurance to new clients and how to close deals once you have established yourself as a successful insurance agent.

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