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If you buy a system that allows compatibility, it will also only be possible to extend your system. Characteristics such as a low battery indicator or battery backup could prove invaluable in the long run. The size of your dog is an important factor in the choice of the correct system. For the receiver, a small dog between 5 lbs and 12 lbs needs a collar that provides lower levels of correction than a larger dog would need. Similarly, a medium-sized dog that is between 10 and 60 lbs would require higher levels of correction than a small dog. And large dogs (more than 60 lbs) may, depending on temperament, require even higher levels of correction.I strongly suggest you to visit Bear fence company to learn more about this.

In the case of very large dogs, the environment and temperament should be taken into account carefully before choosing to instal an underground fence. For these dogs, the underground dog fence may need to be installed in combination with the conventional fence. When they are installed correctly, they can last a lifetime. The diameter should be 8 to 10 inches for the hole in which they are to be cemented, and the depth should be up to 48 inches and a minimum of 30 inches. The type of soil and ground condition as well as the freeze line for your region will dictate this. They’re going to cost a little bit more, but I think the difference is worth it. To prevent it from acting like a rain gauge, make sure that you get a heavy gauge like a.095 and put a dome cap on it. The appearance is not as natural as the wooden fence post, but this can be easy by boxing it with a fence board or two. A form of correction, in order to deter him from crossing the boundary. Electronic pet fences are both safe and humane, but the owners must take responsibility for the proper training of their dog in order to prevent unnecessary correction and learn to respect the limits. If a dog owner does not spend the time correctly training his dog, for unnecessary frustration, he will set himself and his dog up. It is proven that electric pet fences contain your pet and are an effective way to contain it. Regardless of which electronic model of pet fence you decide to buy, just follow the structures as provided and you should have very little difficulty.


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