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Know the realities about New York City Painting Companies

I have drawn the inference, and it is just my opinion, that there is a reason why the referral systems of the contractor do NOT screen the health insurance workers’ compensation. We leave this “highly important screening out of their “screening phase” for workers’ compensation insurance because if they have already screened for this insurance, they will lose about 90% of their customers who produce money, who are the painting contractors who pay for your name. Your lead is pretty hot. And from 2 to 4, your name, address and telephone number will be sold to many more painters everywhere through the contractor referral service. They’ll gain money from those contractors whether you buy a paint job or not. Find additional information at New York City Painting Companies

The explanation why the contractor referral service does NOT search for health insurance for employees is because over 90% of the painters you want to hire from the referral service do NOT have compensation insurance for these employees because it is too expensive, or they don’t know they’re ‘required’ to cover their employees. However, I don’t blame the painters. There are men and women who just want to make a buck out there to support their families in the country. They could maybe be innocent. There are a variety of rules then. We just need to be told that if “actually” the contractor referral service has the interest of both the contractor and you the homeowner at heart, then they can advise the contractor that he can buy workers compensation insurance to ensure that he passes the “screening” process and protects himself, his employees and his customers.

Therefore, what the lead referral services “really do is a guarantee that you will NOT get the most qualified contractors to bid on your painting project. Then you should apply for the “least.” too Not all of that is the case. There are painting contractors in the Chicago area that are members of paint contractor referral services who obey the regulations and bring the required insurance. But it is up to YOU to assess them, even if you hire them from a lead referral service that “claims” that they have already been qualified. Basically, the lead referral service will not do so, and it will take them out of business because they will not be able to sell leads to any customers.


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