Lotus Acupuncture: Secrets Revealed

Acupuncture is considered to be one of the methods of health care, without any side effects and its been in practice for more than 3000 years, however, most of the people just recently realize how effective the acupuncture system is. The phenomenon of Acupuncture is not known to everyone, which could be one of the reasons why people are not aware of its potential benefits. Acupuncture targets the stimulation of the natural healing process that runs without our own body, which most of us don’t know.Lotus Acupuncture – Charlotte Acupuncture Clinic

Treatments based on acupuncture started almost 3000 years ago when ancient physicians found or discovered a special system of cyclic energy which is also called as Qi (pronounced as chee). This cyclic energy or Qi flows within our body at different internal pathways. These pathways are also called as meridian and every meridian is associated with a specific organ of our body like lungs, heart, kidneys etc. These pathways or the meridians connect to the surface of our body at specific points; called as acupuncture points. Every acupuncture point has its own effect on the Qi flowing in our body through that specific meridian. Previously it was not possible to determine the electrical charge at the acupuncture points; however, with the advancement of medical sciences, it has now become possible to measure these electrical charges. These electrical charges confirm the possible location of a meridian.

Most of the diseases occur in our body because the flow of Qi in our body becomes imbalanced or it gets blocked. The major purpose of the acupuncture treatment is helping in the removal of those possible blockages and restoring the balance of Qi. This is done when thin needles are inserted at the acupuncture points which are located just on or slightly below the skin surface. By inserting these needles, specific receptors get active and they stimulate our nerves which then transmits signals or impulses to the pituitary system located at the base of our brain. In brief, the whole process of acupuncture is a way of stimulating the body so that it can promote the natural healing process which is there in our body. Today, there are various clinics that offer great acupuncture treatments; some of them are located in Bellevue, Washington. If you visit the city of Bellevue, you will find various Acupuncture clinics that offer the best acupuncture treatments with amazing results.

When talking about acupuncture treatment, people often think it to be a painful way of treatment; it is not. Acupuncture treatment doesn’t hurt at all; some people even don’t feel when the pin is inserted at the acupuncture points; the whole process is almost painless. The needles used for the purpose of acupuncture are specially made for this purpose and they are quite different as compared to ordinary needles. These special acupuncture needles require very little force in order to penetrate the skin. In relation to the skin of the patient, these fine needles are inserted within a degree range of 15 to 90. After insertion of the needle, the patient is often asked to feel a sensation (not pain) which is nothing but a little pressure or a feeling of heaviness at the point of insertion to make sure the pin is inserted at the right point.

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