Lotus Acupuncture – The Traditional Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a technique that has been used very much in conventional Chinese medicine, it has been embraced quite widely and is well known. Traditional Chinese medicine stands out as the principal mode of care that introduced the cupping to the whole world. Cupping treatment has been in operation in China and many other parts of the world for hundreds of years. Currently, multiple countries offer their own variation of the above described treatment involving specific methods and numerous cupping packages.You may want to check out Lotus Acupuncture for more.

Copping Principle

Cupping is an age-old Chinese therapy where a cup and a negative pressure in the cup are applied to the skin. This process sucks the skin within the cup and the superficial muscles. This type of therapy basically requires a cupping set made up of glass, bamboo or silicone cups, depending on the practitioner’s approach requirements. Cupping is applied in addition to areas of the body which have been disturbed by pain, to specific acupuncture points. Cupping has a higher focus on the back acupuncture points due to the ease with which it can be performed backwards. It is basing on the body’s meridian theory. Most professionals use the dazhui and the shu dots on the back. In the other side, cupping prevents some form of tension in the body and expands the meridians so that qi energy can flow unrestrictedly.

The Copping Process

Cutting set such as glass cups are often used for cupping in different sizes. You can also use silicone cups and bamboo cups. These cups are often fitted with a valve that connects to a small hand operated pump, allowing the practitioner to draw out air without having to heat the fire. In addition , it gives them greater control over the degree of the suction power. Massage oil is commonly used for allowing the cups to maneuver conveniently on the skin. Especially beneficial are oil that has been infused with concentrated amounts of herbal therapeutic products. The cups are used at room temperature, then friction is created along with the movement of the cups, producing a gentle yet significant amount of heat, particularly if additional use is made of heating oil. The cups can be softly moved across the skin in case the suction has been formed. The suction within the cups allows the skin and the superficial muscle layer to be pulled gently into the cup, providing a type of inverse massage.

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