Marketing Opportunity in IFC’s EDGE Chronicles

Remarketing is one of the newest digital marketing strategies today. So ever wondered what remarketing is exactly? Isn’t it just marketing? Well, it isn’t. Marketing mostly focuses on acquiring new customers, reach new markets and basically on ‘new’. Remarketing however as the name suggests is re- reaching the potential customers. These may have already converted once or a few times, maybe in the process of converting like may have visited your site once, clicked on some ad, interacted on some social platform or even made a purchase from you. click reference

Why is remarketing essential? In an ideal world you would be the only retailer for your product and everyone would come back to you and only you if and when they needed it. However, in reality there are numerous competitors that are providing the same, similar or even better service to their customers. There is a fat chance of losing your acquired customers. This is why remarketing is an essential digital marketing strategy.

Each customer has to be remarketed to in a different way depending on how close they have come to the product well they have been acquainted with it. A number of sophisticated tools are available to see has come to your website, how they got there and where they have gone from there. It tracks the visitors and places a cookie in the browser. The users can disable the cookie when they want so you don’t need to worry about privacy invasion. You can track where the visitor goes within your website and where they proceed to from there. Accordingly, you must show them the advertisements.

• If a visitor has come only to the homepage and bounced off you must try to get noticed in front of the visitor. Create brand awareness and tell them what you are about.

• If a user comes to your inner pages you can show him/ her the various different products you provide. If they reach here that means they are looking for a particular product.

• If they come to one specific page that means the user is well aware and well researched about what exactly they want, the price range is unique characteristics and benefits etc. Since you have what they are looking for you show them ads on that particular product and tell them why it is different and better from that of your competitors.

• If a visitor jumps off from the purchase or form filling page that means they have almost completed the purchase cycle but for some reason decided to back out. Here you show them ads and promotions for the product they were about to buy and remind them of the reason they were going to buy it in the first place.

• If a user has already purchased a product then you show them ads on its accessories or maintenance etc.

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