Networking – How to Start a Local Business Network With No Budget

If you’re just getting started in business, all the support you can get is needed. The chances of your success are simply stacked against you immediately. You can flip the odds back in your favour by connecting yourself with experts by joining a network. Read on to find out how on a limited budget, you can build a local network.You may want to check out Local Business Spotlight for more.

You will need to scout out a location for a meeting place before you launch a network. While most of the group’s activities will take place via email and telephone, you will need to get together regularly to share war storeys, get advice and support each other. Not to mention that this is also a perfect place to trade with other members for leads and referrals. Look for a free-to-use venue. This would also be a spot like a church basement, a meeting room for the library, the local chamber of commerce, or even a house for anyone.

You are in the role of hand-picking members once you have secured a spot, so that you can profit from the cream of the crop. Look for owners of local businesses in whom you would like to maintain a long-term relationship. Check for free utilities, but never for direct rivals. Networks are a place to tell us all, so it’s never good if you share your secrets with someone who can use them against you.

The local owners you want to enter can post notes, send out emails, call, or canvass them. Start about 5-10 with a small group of individuals when you are just getting started. You would need to have officers as the community expands in order to keep it straight and to maintain a quality level from the members as well.

You will need to determine how frequently to meet once you have your members, whether you will have rules and bylaws, and whether you will charge fees to belong to the party (to cover overhead). There’ll be plenty of meetings every other week or month.

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