Plastic Surgery Will Change Your Life

How Plastic Surgery Can Change People’s Lives
Plastic surgery and plastic surgery appear to have both positive and negative connotations. Plastic surgery, as a more general term, is used on a regular basis all over the world for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. I’ve never had any plastic surgery, but there are clear disadvantages to the operation, such as downtime, discomfort, and potential side effects. These are all considerations that must be addressed prior to the procedures because they are risky, but they can also have benefits that are worth the risk. Plastic surgery has many advantages. Plastic surgeons are highly skilled and well-educated, and they can replicate almost everything.
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A recent Huffington Post report titled “Plastic Surgery Miracles” delves further into some truly impressive plastic surgery procedures, such as Katie Piper, who has recovered some of her sight thanks to stem cell and plastic surgery after being partially blind during a sulphuric acid attack. Another miraculous plastic surgery procedure was a hand transplant on a 51-year-old man, who became the first person in the United Kingdom to receive such a procedure. Plastic surgery has a poor reputation, largely due to horrific horror stories. Of course, there would be horror stories and horrifying plastic surgery outcomes, but the rewards are well worth it. Continue reading to learn more about how these plastic surgery procedures can alter people’s lives.

Aesha Mohammadzai is an attractive young Afghan woman. She was tortured and mutilated when her nose and ears were cut off by her Taliban husband and in-laws after escaping her forced marriage when she was just 19 years old. You may remember her from Aryn Baker’s cover of TIME Magazine in a special titled “What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan.” Aesha reveals a sad and sombre tale about her forced marriage and subsequent violence from both her husband and his family in the post. She ran away because the emotional and physical violence had become too much for her. She vividly remembers the incidents that happened soon after she was apprehended “They apprehended me and sentenced me to five months in prison. When I came out, the judge demanded that I return to my husband. They took me to the mountains that night. My hands and feet were bound. My punishment, they said, was to have my nose and ears cut off. After that, they began to do it.” Aesha awoke in her own blood after passing out from pain and shock. She made it to her village on foot, where her father drove her to the hospital. Since then, Aesha has been living in America with a host family and is being treated by doctors in Maryland. Rhinoplasty, tissue expansion, and nose repair are also part of her reconstruction surgery. Aesha was initially treated with a series of incremental tissue transplants from different parts of her body. Surgeons will use these tissue transplants to piece together a new nose for Aesha. She’s also had tissue expansion on her forehead, which is a skin regeneration technique that helps surgeons to grow skin for reconstruction.

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