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Summary about Partida Corona Medical Center

Then, between the subscriber and a highly trained individual, ready to provide quick assistance, it opens a voice-to-voice channel. Local medical personnel, ambulances, police, fire or other services are dispatched as needed by the centre. Visit us on Partida Corona Medical Center.

A fall sensor is specially designed to recognise falling or other similar accidents, which is available with any medical alert machine. It automatically informs the alert machine and the monitoring centre whenever a fall happens. The alert machine is also equipped with a back-up power facility and notifies the medical centre automatically if replacement is required for the battery. During power failure, an incorporated rechargeable battery operates for up to 24 hours. Medical alert devices are available for outdoor use and while travelling. Previously, as they were done manually, all these activities used to consume much more days, and if the insurer rejects the claim, it took even more days for the medical centres involved in this, which was a frustrating situation. To overcome these problems, a new medical billing system has been developed that automatically does everything and the software used in this system is sufficiently capable of integrating into one module all the steps involved in the billing process. This makes life easier for the medical center’s billing executives. Everything is automated in this electronic medical billing system and the user does not need to worry about the different stages that a bill goes through. The system updates the status automatically the moment one stage is passed by the medical bill. If the bill is rejected due to a technical problem or otherwise, the user is notified by the electronic billing system and the same can be uploaded again after the corrective measure to fix the problem is taken. This means that the electronic medical billing system saves the medical centre and its staff a lot of time and effort.

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