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All about Air conditioning and heating systems in new houses

There are several areas in the world where temperature is either too low even below the freezing point or it is as hot as 50 degrees Celsius so that in homes and other commercial areas air conditioning or central heating system is required. Without such human friendly things in now a day’s life can’t exist in almost every part of the world. Also, people are now used to using such items and these items slip into luxury goods in some parts of the world. People in Canada use centrally heated system because Canada’s temperature decreases from the month of September and it decreases to the degree that human life relies only on the central heated home and office system. If you are looking for more tips, check out

In other areas of the world, such as South Asia and the Middle East, temperatures are too high to exceed 50 Celsius, which cannot be accepted by humans. People cannot survive in this situation without air conditioning. So that all places like hotels, homes and other commercial places in the Middle East are centrally air conditioned and internal temperature of places held below 26 Celsius so that human life can survive there. Except in the transport air conditioning system, citizens cannot use any form of vehicle in those places without this system. Both severe examples demonstrate the importance of heating and air conditioning.

The air conditioning system uses some gasses that before 3 decades were not ideal for a safe environment. Many social movements are raising their voices against that thing after which scientists find some new gasses that can do the same job but dose no impact on society and companies that have made their customers aware of those things as well as the white name of the gas used in their cooling system. Many businesses write the “CFC free” on their machinery, which means the CFC gas is not used in their machinery because this gas interacts with the ozone layer, and because of the increasing global temperature.