Wedding Cake Ideas for Selecting a Wedding Cake

Nothing is more fun than cake sampling when planning your wedding. When looking for a wedding cake for your special day, here are some wedding cake ideas and tips.If you would like to learn more about this,  If you are looking for a great birthday cake, click here.

When discussing wedding cake concepts, the first thing I always tell my customers is to remember what they want in terms of flavours and style. Via the numerous wedding blogs and websites, it’s so easy to look at wedding cake designs on the net. Plus, to watch the next celebrity wedding to be inspired, you can always pick up a wedding magazine or tune into the different entertainment channels.

Thinking about the shape you would like, round, square, triangular, oval, the list goes on when contemplating wedding cake designs. Or a combo of shapes and sizes can often be achieved. Would you like to see the cake lying flat on the table or on the cake stand? (The majority of party rental stores carry cake stands or you can hire a cake stand from the bakery from which you buy the cake.)

Some wedding cake suggestions to remember are the colour when choosing your cake. Do you want your wedding decor to match it or be something whimsical to serve as an accent and contrast with the decoration? A few of my brides had simple white cakes and then used their centrepieces to decorate their cakes with the same styles of flowers.

Icing for your wedding cake designs is another variable to remember. Buttercream, milk or fondant cheese? Because of the different forms and intricate designs that the baker can do with it, Fondant is perfect. Since it has a tendency to melt, a cream cheese frosting would fit better for an indoor versus an outdoor wedding. Buttercream icing will work perfectly outdoors as long as it is not too hot and the cake is shaded from the light.

Do not forget about the groom while looking for a wedding cake. A special cake for him or what many call a groom’s cake. With a specialty cake that makes a statement about the guy they are marrying, many brides want to honour their grooms.

Finally, bear in mind the following tips when deciding how many customers your cake can feed, in addition to your guest count:

The number of food courses at your event that will be served. Often most people don’t have space for dessert or only want a piece of cake for a multi-course meal.

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