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What You Don’t Know About Float Coppell

Since the 1950s, floatation tanks have been around but were mostly used at that time for experimental experiments into the effects of isolation and minimal sensory environments on the mind. With growing research and the first commercial centre opening in California in 1977, it was not until the 1970s that some of the broader effects of floatation became more recognised. There are now more than 700 centres worldwide, with more centres opening in the coming months around the world. Get the facts about Float Tank-Float Coppell

The experience itself includes lying in a specially built tank or pod that is filled with water of 10″ skin temperature with 800lb of Epsom Salt dissolved in it. This high amount of Epsom Salt in the water allows you to float in a weightless state comfortably on the top of the water. You are in an atmosphere with no sense of external soun with earplugs in and the door of the tank or pod closed

This elimination of external stimulation creates a very deep response to physical and mental relaxation in which your body can fully rest and your mind can enter the profoundly meditative theta state, both of which in our busy and cluttered modern lives can greatly benefit everyone.

Studies have also shown that certain clinical conditions are supported by the daily use of floatation tanks, such as:

Pain of Persistent
Illnesses associated with depression
With fibromyalgia
Rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis
Blood pressure

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