3 Reasons Why Hire Local Brand Advisor

This is one of the unusual moments where a possibility is on the verge of bursting. It is comparatively inexpensive to gain top rankings for local search words at present and can be done in a relatively short amount of time. Local industries who take advantage of this chance will put themselves for years to come to enjoy the rewards and be ahead of the market. Only as the days go by will the rivalry get more fierce. Visit us on Local Brand Advisor.

By adding value to your brand and getting you more clients, a local SEO consultant will help your organization grow. Here are 3 reasons why an SEO Consultant is needed by your local business:

1. Remember this An average 42 percent of all click-through traffic goes to a search engine’s first listing; the second one gets around 12 percent, the third 8.5 percent, the fourth 6 percent, with all the others having less than 5 percent. Around 90 percent of all click-through traffic is received on the first page, while the second only receives 4.5 percent. In order to get your website in a position to achieve a better click-through rate for your content, an SEO consultant can take the appropriate steps to contact more prospective clients.

2. When searchers type in local search terms, Google Places also has its listings before the organic search results. Therefore you are less likely to be identified if your company is not included in the Google Places listings. A local SEO advisor will set up and customize a listing on Google Places to give you greater exposure in local Google searches.

3. While SEO and online marketing are numerous activities, they go hand in hand. Optimizing the website’s marketing elements can be something your SEO expert will assist you with.

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