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In the sense of Life Stage Personal Improvement, the most prevalent myths about cosmetic surgery are discussed. Ruston Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery offers excellent info on this.

1. Women can not undergo plastic surgery until they are at least 60: delaying until a woman is post-menopausal will affect the quality of the surgical outcome significantly – even adversely. Too frequently, the aging patient comes up with an overdone appearance in which the skin has to be drawn incredibly close to create contour enhancements that could have been preserved more effectively if the operation had been conducted at a younger age.

Undertaking less-drastic pre-menopause procedures helps outcomes to be preserved longer and to look more normal in certain situations and in line with the general appearance of an individual.

2. Plastic surgery is just for the rich: figures from the American Plastic Surgery Society indicate that middle-class patients using their own discretionary income are the vast majority of patients having plastic surgery. In reality, for patients who seek plastic surgery, the median income is around $80,000. Many cosmetic surgeons provide a number of versatile funding choices, and non-surgical treatments such as Botox injection and the use of fillers such as Juvéderm are relatively cost-effective—costing no more in many circumstances than what a woman would expect to spend for hair coloring or spa care.

3. Plastic surgery is for women only: men actually account for 15 percent of the overall number of plastic surgery patients, a number that has been growing gradually over the past decade. It is not surprising: in a tough work market, men need to look their best. As a result, more men approaching their 40s and 50s want recourse to non-surgical therapies to rejuvenate their appearance, such as the use of Botox, neurotoxin or fillers. Such surgical operations, including the treatment of swollen congenital breasts (gynecomastia), liposuction to fix love handles and rhinoplasty or nasal surgery, are now becoming more comfortable for men.