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When Do I Need An Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning attorneys, also called estate planners or probate attorneys, are legal professionals who assist in the planning and organizing of an individual’s property and affairs after his or her death. These highly skilled professionals can assist in making tax preparations, securing insurance policies, and creating financial strategies. They work in partnership with the client to establish a plan that ensures the future of their loved ones and their inheritance(s). Roswell Estate Planning Attorney offers excellent info on this. An estate plan must be drawn up at the time of a person’s death, by using proper legal documentation, to avoid any confusion at a time when it may be difficult to remember or understand the plan. An estate planning attorney can help guide you through every step of the process and ensure that your wishes are carried out as you would like.


Although no two estates are exactly alike, an estate plan can involve the transfer of money from the client’s bank account to either an estate or trust during their lifetime and during the time of their death. When it comes to planning out finances during these critical times, an attorney is often needed to draw up the most effective plan for all beneficiaries. Some clients may choose to leave money to friends and relatives who they feel will better handle their affairs after they are gone. Others may choose to set up a trust so that the family fortune will pass down to specific members during life, while other individuals may decide to make use of an estate plan to provide for the children or other dependents while they are still alive.

If you are planning your own funeral, then you want to select a professional who can give you the advice you need. You are paying a good price for their services, so it is important that you get the very best from the lawyer you hire. Estate planning should never be put off until the last minute. Making a plan can prevent stressful situations later on, allowing you to properly bury your departed loved one. An attorney can advise you on everything from where to hold the service, what type of casket you should have, and even what kind of legal actions you should take in your absence. While it can be difficult to think about your own demise, you can make decisions now to ensure the proper funeral for your friend or family member.

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