Facts you should know about Randy Dickey Photography

You can imagine that taking photographs of dogs is not easy. Although some breeds are lazy and docile, others do not follow orders and are very hyper. You need to be able to get dogs in the place their owner needs for the picture in order to be a good dog photographer. For items like treats and dog toys, this is most often done, so make sure to have enough on hand. Animal photography can be enjoyable for recording memories for you and your family. But, if your interests are photography and pets, consider opting to do pet photography. You may also want to consider sending the pictures you have taken for resale to photo galleries.Have a look at Pet Photography-Randy Dickey Photography for more info on this.

For a selection of moods, select a number of locations. With either Manly Beach or Bondi Beach in the background, the joy of summer could be depicted in your dog’s picture. Your fluffy pet’s bright colours and stunning cranes will stand out against the flowering plants of the local gardens or the green spaces of Hyde Park. Alternately, in your own backyard or inside your house, you might have your dog (or dogs) photographed. The basic idea is to have them captured to express a particular form of mood against an interesting, picture-perfect backdrop: joyful, dreamy, content, curious, etc. What would you do to take the best picture of your dog?

Hiring a professional photographer is the best choice. You may consider a frequent portrait photographer, but for that matter, he or she does not have the knowledge and experience of shooting dogs or any other pet. Consider hiring a photographer who photographs dogs because he or she knows the behaviour of dogs and, preferably, the various breeds. Think of fellow dog lovers’ advice. You may ask them directly, particularly those pet loving friends who have professionally taken photos of their dogs. On the Internet, you can also search out groups and shop those with good prices. To get more results, read comments and feedback. Most of the time looking for the right photographer can be saved by getting proper suggestions.

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