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Truck Verification is an analysis of a fleet’s compliance with federal, state and local motor vehicle safety and emissions standards. Quick Vin Verification has some nice tips on this. The verification program verifies that the heavy-duty fuel cell truck that was inspected as part of the compliance process complies with the federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (MVSS) for heavy duty vehicles and that the maintenance records and receipts for the inspection do not contain any violations. It also verifies that all required tests and inspections were executed and completed in a timely and correct manner and that the maintenance procedures and materials were used to the greatest degree possible consistent with the safety and performance objectives of the heavy-duty fuel cell truck. Verifications can also be used to track and monitor progress toward meeting key milestones in the fuel cell fleet’s schedule.


A Fleet Management Approval (FMA) can be issued for a fleet of heavy-duty fuel cell trucks or for a single truck if the verification cannot be conducted by the driver or company managing the fleet. The FMA authorizes the company to take over the verification process if it proves impossible to perform the required inspection and verification on a truck. The authorization does not, however, authorizes the company to change or cancel the fleet verification test once the FMA has been issued. If a company cancels a verification, the verification must be performed again within thirty days of the cancellation.

Fleet management personnel can initiate the notification of an inspection or verification using a number of methods. When a tractor-trailer is inspected to ensure compliance with CO2 emissions standards, a letter regarding the inspection is sent to the driver. Via FMCSA Network, a tractor-trailer may be contacted to obtain any information about an inspection or verification. When a tractor-trailer is inspected to ensure compliance with the M Horse Power (MHP) standard, a pre-shift checklist is created and signed by the driver during his/her last turn to move the heavy-duty fuel cell from the back to the front of the truck. Verification of compliance is determined by observing the checklist, documenting the condition of the fuel cell, and reporting any problems that arise during the inspection.

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